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After-sales appointment

After-sales appointment

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Do you know the specific scope of after-sales service for electric bicycles?



Let's start with the most safety-related part first

1. Frame. The frame mainly supports and controls the electric bicycle, so if you feel that the frame or handlebar shakes or makes abnormal noise while riding, you should check it in time to avoid hidden dangers. If there is desoldering or breakage within one year, it can be replaced for free. However, if it is due to external impact and man-made damage, you will not be able to enjoy this service.


2. Shock-absorbing front fork and shock-absorbing rear fork. It is mainly divided into hydraulic shock absorption and spring shock absorption. Generally speaking, the shock absorber has passed a very strict test before leaving the factory, so basically there will be no problems, but there are exceptions, so the warranty period is half a year, as long as the spring is not artificially caused Broken, twisted and protruded, all can be guaranteed.


3. Rims. The rims of electric bicycles are very strong, but there will still be a problem of deformation of the inner ring of the small wheel. If this problem occurs on the front wheel, it can be solved, but if it occurs on the rear wheel, it needs to be replaced together with the motor, so find out early If it is resolved early, the warranty period is also half a year.


4. Axis. If there is any abnormality in the rotation of the central axis during riding, stop and check immediately. As long as the problem of the central axis is not caused by human beings, it can be replaced for free within half a year.


5. Braking system. Disc brakes and drum brakes are the most used now. The problems with disc brakes are generally due to oil leakage caused by substandard production quality. Drum brakes are caused by severe wear of the brake pads. Both of them have a great impact on cycling. It is safe, so if you find that the brake effect is not good, you should check it in time. As long as it is not man-made, it can be replaced for free within half a year.


6. Motor. The motor is the core part of the electric vehicle. During the use process, if there are faults such as gear breakage, bearing damage, shell cracking, and internal burning, they can be repaired for free within the warranty period. Of course, human factors cannot guarantee the warranty. The brushed motor is guaranteed, the duration is two years, and the brushless motor warranty is three years.


7. Batteries. Electric bicycle batteries are basically divided into lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Our electric bicycles all use lithium batteries, and the warranty is 12 months under correct use. If there is a problem with the battery, it can only be replaced under warranty, which is why electric vehicles of big brands are always recommended.


8. Controller. The general common problem is that the motor of the electric bike cannot be started and the display screen cannot display normally. If you encounter such problems, you must go to the repair station of the electric bicycle you purchased for repairs. Remember not to disassemble it privately. The warranty period of the controller is one year.